Wood work

With some of the leftover hardwood lumber I framed out my storage couch. 

I used some birch cabinet plywood (stained with a mixture of the last remnants of a few old stain cans found in my grandpas shop) 1/2″ thick, to seal off a section that will use to store my quilts. I lined the floor and walls of the storage area with cedar, and in the quilt box I put angled cedar trim to finish it out. 

In these pictures I’m using a big heavy piece of wood to weigh down the cedar until the glue cures. I am testing out different finishes to preserve different woods, since I am using a mixture of green and air dried lumber. The cedar has two coats of this teak oil. The hardwoods have all been coated in a mixture of orange oil mineral oil and beeswax. I got such a good deal on such pretty wood I decided to go back. I arrived around lunchtime and snagged a few more oak and hickory boards. When everyone took off I got to talking with the owner, and after finding out about the tiny house project he threw in some beautiful black walnut boards. I cannot express how important small sawmills have been in getting pretty lumber for next to nothing. The total cost is still currently under $5,000. Wood total under (including Home Depot framing wood) $300

Here is tonka walking on my freshly plained walnut boards. Below is the orange oil / beeswax finish. Such pretty wood!  


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