One screw at a time 

The windows have all been trimmed on the inside with furring strips. This will give my siding something to nail to. 
We found 2×3 boards at a Home Depot on the other side of the state. I think it was worth the drive for the decreased footprint. These frame out the single wall in the house -bathroom to kitchen. I put fire stop boards across in some places. These will be covered with a pretty wood and used as shelving in the bathroom. I used a piece of luann to cover the wall, staining the side visible in the bathroom shelves. The other side I left natural and plan on putting a decorative wood accent wall. This portion of wall will sometimes be covered by the sliding barn door. 

We also began the electrical process. I have 6 visible outlets plus 2 hidden for washer/drier and fridge. Both appliances run off 110. My LED lighting runs on 12v.

I still need a breaker box to finish the electrical. We are looking for one small enough to hide somewhere below the washing machine.

The propane hot water appliance comes in the mail today ($75 off eBay compared to $250 in store- so I got two just in case).

On the way home yesterday I stopped by the American Cedar Mill & Log Homes. He is a one man cedar operation doing amazing work for the past half century. Inquiring about how thin he could slice I realized his scraps were perfect for my siding needs. $20 for a bundle of beautiful fresh cedar siding SOLD. Tomorrow morning back to the mill with a trailer


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