I ordered 10 LED light strips 5 meters each with 300 diodes for $23 from alibaba. I chose soft white but they come in other colors as well. They come on a spool with adhesive already on the back. Every fourth diode has a line where you can cut the strip to the size you want. You can also solder them back together so I’ll have to find a use for all of the scraps.

We have mock wired them with telephone wire and a 12v transformer. This will all look much more professional once replaced with electrical wire and switches, but for now I have lights! 

Since my trailer is 8ft wide they are the perfect size to run back and forth on each side of the groove where the roof panels meet.

I am extremely pleased with how well they turned out. Especially being $2 a roll! Gotta love cheap Chinese goods!

The temporary addition of the cardboard door has been extremely beneficial in keeping warm inside. It has been C O L D these past few weeks. (15-35 degrees) We have been using a ceramic space heater and it has been more than enough. I’m reconsidering my need for a propane heater as my appliances and heat from my laptop may be enough to roast me out of there.
Also here are some updates on the first 3 windows. They are trimmed out with charcoal channel and secured with screws. 

I am contemplating adding little triangles in each corner to give it a more finished look as pictured below in the top left corner of the window: 

Here is the last photo I took on my way out of town for Christmas break


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