I am a little hesitant to share the mistakes we have made but in order to learn from them I guess I have to own them..? We have been trying to figure the best tool for the job. It is the initial plunge cut thats giving us trouble.
The small 7 1/4′ skilsaw with Diablo steel demon blade is amazing for cutting one side of the panel once it is in there but until the teeth of the blade catches and locks into the groove it has a dangerous kickback. This is where we incurred some minor cosmetic damage. Simple solution in order to cover it up we have moved the window down 3″.

On the first window we cut the plunges with the 7 1/4″ diablo and continued the cut with the 10″ Milwaukee saw and Irwin metal blade. This larger saw cuts all the way to the other side of the panel but is extremely heavy and difficult to maneuver, especially on horizontal cuts.

We even tried the sawzall but the reciprocating back and forth motion is terribly violent, and causes the metal skin to separate from the foam core of the panel.

We took a late night trip to the store after researching oscillating saws. These are apparently somewhat new electric saws. After testing it out it will do the job but very slowly.

We are now looking into using the smaller hand version of the skilsaw but the only charger we have for this tools battery is in Texas at the ranch. We will spend some time hitting pawn shops and hardware stores looking for a new charger and some badass blades that will cut through the metal like butter.

It’s all about finding the proper tool for the job!
The first window is near perfect, but with 6 more windows to go we need to find the easiest, fastest, *safest*, and most precise saw to cut the holes. The kett metal panel saw will arrive soon from eBay.


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