Trim and Lights 

Gorilla glue should sponsor me. When it dries it is the same as the foam inside the panels, so we have been using it for any place where foam meets metal. 

Every decision seems so important. We were going to cut the trim pieces at 45 degree angles for a more finished look, but then we thought that might make a point for water to leak in. With the amount of silicone I have put and plan to add, I’m not sure if it would’ve even been an issue. 

The corner angles as well as the door frame are in the same galvanized as the wall cap channels. 

The metal brake they used to bend the angles was not set up right so the 90 degree angle is more like 100. Very loose and will not work. Until we figure out how to make the angle more square, it will remain in a pile on the floor. 
We also installed the LED trailer lights and wired them to the 6pin plug at the front  We drilled holes through the trailer frame to install the lights and hide the wires. This ruined a few drill bits and snapped some of the self tapping screws we have been using. 


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