Salvage Windows 

A neighbor told us about a building salvage yard in Koshkonong, MO. The property has about 6 buildings each filled to the brim. Doors, bathtubs, sinks, garden supplies, wood trim, metal trim, siding, flooring, I could go on forever. 

Anyways, I made my way to the window building and was really just looking for anything that would be easy to install with my SIP construction. Most windows have a lip allowing for brick or other siding. I need something that will be flush and about the same 3″ thickness of the panel. I will be able to cut the hole, install a metal frame and just pop the window in. 
I came across a very long crank window, and realized I could probably cut it in half to fit my needs. $100 and a little bit of work digging the glue and prying off 2 metal clips I have 2 windows. 

I also found these two fixed windows for $50.

I am still looking for porthole windows large and small, fixed and functional. I will also need a window in my bathroom that opens so steam can be released from showers. SIP construction is extremely airtight and ventilation can be a problem so windows are important. 

I am also looking for a skylight that can be used as egress from the loft. 


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