Roof pt 2 

Today I learned a valuable lesson on order of operations. Last week when putting up the roof panels we had not yet procured the metal channel we were using to cap the wall panels. Putting this channel up before the roof panels would’ve saved a week of struggle and frustration.

The metal is 16 gauge galvanized. Stout enough to screw into from the top of the roof and will not rust. Behind the shiny metal is the charcoal trim I will use to cap the edges of the roof.

It was tricky lifting up the roof with wooden blocks in order to get enough working room to maneuver the 10′ metal around the panel. While attempting to jack the roof up we did just that.. Using a board perpendicular to the floor we were trying to pry the roof up enough to slide the channel underneath. The whole thing lifted and slid about 3 feet. It came inches from falling off. When something is precariously placed atop a slanted object, don’t try to lift because gravity is unforgiving!

Applying pressure to the joints of the panels instead of lifting the whole roof as one caused them to buckle. Each joint had a very sticky rubber adhesive inside and a seam of silicone outside. This all must be scraped and re done tomorrow.

The roof now sits flush where it meets the wall and a bead of caulking will seal the deal. We put about 20 screws through the roof and into the cap channel.

Eventually all of the foam will be covered in the charcoal grey trim.


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