Oh wells 

As you can see, this is just not gonna work. We have found a new local welder that is definitely on the same page. He actually manufactures trailers and is working on a tiny trailer for hunters. 
So I’ve made a template of what I need out of the structural angle iron we will use to secure the floor and walls together. 

And from this our man at HillBilly trailers in Salem, Ar exceeded expectations and delivered two identical pairs of frames. These will provide the structural support needed to hold up the walls for this 6′. As Billy would say “Fort Knox” Level! The wheel wells have been a serious challenge, but I now know how to weld which was cool.

Using the metal from the first weld job (flattened and re bent by hand using heat and a large hammer we have lovingly nicknamed “the persuader”) I connected the two frames. Essentially this is sealing off the interior from the elements (or rubber flying from a blowout).Its almost too beautiful to cover up. It’s a shame spending so much time and effort on something that will never be seen or noticed. 


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